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Home Sweet Home? (click photo for pics of renovation)

It's a GREAT ugly duckling story.  100 years old.  Built by the owner of Brazelton Lumber Co.  

George G Brazelton (1863-1920)

Owner of Brazelton Lumber Company.  The Brazelton lumber yard was located at the 100 and 200 block of Broadway in downtown right off the Square. 

George Brazelton was a self-made man.   He came from Tennessee during the Civil War. His mother was killed in front of her family and they torched the family home.  His father was already dead, so he walked, along with his four brothers and sisters, all the way to Texas.

In 1917, the carriage house was built.  When looking at the front of our house, it is the house that is set back just to the left.  They spent the next two years building this home for the primary residence.

We have lovingly restored the home.  It has 5 imaginative and comfortable literary themed rooms and a large amount of social space to  include a double living area, library, dining room, and full kitchen.


There is also a thought provoking house Mystery with escape room like clues that take you around the public areas of the home.

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