Some Great Ideas to use the house for!

Take run of the house!  We have great spaces to relax and work together.  Spacious living room, large dining area, comfortable library with more table space.  We can even stock the kitchen to have a little fun cooking and snacking.  We partner with Moss for a great event center in walking distance.

Small Group Retreats

Writer retreats 

We CAN'T WAIT to have some of our author friends spend some time with us!  (...just maybe we can get some semblance of our home used in a devious plot somewhere.  eh, hem.  hint hint )

Musician retreats and Jam Sessions

 We have an old beat up cabinet Grand in the living room and always have a guitar and percussion instruments handy

Board Game Retreats

Our Library and dining area are GREAT for card and board games.  We have a great selection on hand from classics to modern day nerdy games!  We hope to partner with Geek World to have some fun gaming events

Arts/Crafts Retreats

Painting! / Quilting / Scap booking

We just love Crafts and Quilts Etc on College ave. Thought provoking and imaginative supplies along with a great work space! 

Womens/Mens Retreats

When the spouse has offered to watch the kids and you just need to get away.  Maybe the ladies would like to hang out, shop, or visit some wineries.  Maybe the men want to meet up and ride some nice East Texas roads on motorcycles or just play some cards.  I'm sure you can come up with some fun


A home away from  home.  Time away from the household responsibilities and chores and you don't have to travel or take a long trip.  Just hide out and relax

More Ideas (we will keep adding them as we think about them)

Holiday Parties and overnights.  Stay for events such as Azalea trails and Rose Queen Festivals.